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No two companies, and no two marketing strategies are the same. The same way no two prints are the same.

No two results are the same.


So here we come to help you thrive and grow your business through printing.

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Our best materials:

Influence in Print eBook

Get a scoop on some lucrative techniques in print that increase the selling power of branded materials. Understand how printed materials influence buying decisions, and gain deeper insight on what’s “disguised marketing” that we actually pay attention to.

You’ll learn how to use them, and what some of the most sophisticated companies use to level up their print game. We’ve piled up research on research, on research— So your strategy in print is more detailed, more polished, more influential.

Experts’ Guide on How to get your files and photos print-ready the right way (and more efficiently)

This PDF guide contains some of the essentials that go into the preparation of your files. These advices will help you in 3 ways: To get everything that’s needed in order to be ready for print, what to avoid, and what to expect of a printing house. So whether you’re just getting started, or you’re veteran in print, here you’ll find some precious advice on how to save both time and money.


Bonus Report: How colors Influence brand perception and other branding tips

Branding is effective. Colors are, too. But how? How do they measure up against reality and results. Most printing houses just take an order, but it’s your duty— and best for you— to know what you should print, and why— In what color you should print. What to do if you’re running a low budget for a particular material. How to use color in your internal materials, so you bring in response, faster.  In this report, we’ll shine some gold on all those themes. 

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